The Story

Kicks and Stomps

Much like us, shoes come in all different colors,
shapes and sizes - and some are real heels!

In identifying our differences and celebrating our talents we can find in one another a universal harmony. The platform (no pun intended) is meant to inspire children to explore the world at their feet; in any country, at any time, and in any place.

It's time for some imagination activation! Kids today are bombarded with spoon-fed content, but Kicks & Stomps LLC challenges them to step it up! We provide a space to learn, grow, discover and adventure not only in our world,
but your own!

Kicks & Stomps LLC believes that with the right attitude,
some good old fashioned positivity, an active imagination,
and some fun - life, be it that of a shoes or a childs,
can be truly magical!

The Characters

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About us

Kicks & Stomps LLC,
is a global brand dedicated to the production of high quality,
groundbreaking youth entertainment utilizing leading edge digital technologies.

We leverage new and traditonal media to create engaging characters and story-lines to create multiple real world and digital products across a spectrum of child-centric markets. Kicks & Stomps LLC is a world populated, at ground level, by characters based on familiar shoe styles and their misadventures. The brand’s core products are in the digital entertainment space, distributed through tablets, smartphones, and web-based platforms to immerse the users in our story world, and their
own world too.

With a wide variety of wonderful and exciting products in the incubator, we anticipate the expansion of Kick & Stomps LLC, over time, to include traditional media, televised cartoon episodes, feature films, educational materials, books, comics, apparel, toys and ancillary branded products
after its initial release in the digital word.

Kicks & Stomps, LLC:
the world at your feet...